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Dragonfly handbook in france

Photo-Guide des Libellules
Dragonfly field guide in french
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Does it sound familiar?

You're standing by a pond and a beautiful dragonfly flies by. You may take a couple of photos or simply watch the dragonfly for a while. At some point the dragonfly not only aroused your attention, but also your interest. A question pops up in your mind: what kind of dragonfly is that?

This pocketbook is a great help in identification of dragonflies in the field. There are full-size pictures and macro photos of more than 100 species of dragonflies living in Europe, taken from various angles. Different genera, such as Azure Hawkers, darters, and bluets, are compared next to each other on the same page. Short explanations and markings on the photos will help you with identification. The following principle applies to the descriptions: as little as possible, as much as necessary. Therefore, one can see at first glance the most important identification features. Colour codes describe, whether a dragonfly is rare in France, Corsica, Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland.

This pocket book is a perfect addition to the web-site www.Libellen.TV

It's just 14.8 cm x 10.5 cm, so it fits in every pocket.

In the part named "Distribution" you can find out, which dragonfly you have in front of you, and on the homepage you will find further interesting information about this species. The book is 270 pages thick and contains over 500 dragonfly pictures.

If you are interested, you can order your book here for 27.95 Euro.

Thank you for your interest !
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